Individual Counseling
A number of issues may need to be addressed during individual counseling. The method of therapy varies
with each client. Although not an eclectic approach, it is an integrative approach depending on individual
needs. Brief therapy is utilized with minor problems in times of transition and change. Long term therapy is
advised with client who has issues that need additional support. Many techniques that are utilized in
therapy include experiential techniques, family of origin issues, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Play Therapy
Children are usually uncomfortable talking about their thoughts, feelings, and behavior. They don’t have the
cognitive ability to view themselves
objectively or to understand how others view their behavior until early adolescence. Play is a child’s natural
form of communication, just as talking is
an adult’s natural way to communicate. Healing Transitions' play rooms are equipped with sand trays,
puppets, dolls, and other developmentally
appropriate toys for children. Dr. Craven's experience includes issues such as: anxiety, phobias,
oppositional behavior, PTSD, reactive attachment disorder, sexual abuse, physical abuse, ADHD,
adjustment disorder, grief and loss, divorce, and others.   
Dr. Craven is a Registered Play Therapist (International Association for Play Therapy) and an approved
"State of Florida Clinical Supervisor" for all mental health disciplines.  
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Family Therapy
Each family is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses. Focusing on family strengths provides the
family with a foundation to build upon. Families often experience problems during times of transitions such
as: new child, new marriage, death of a loved one, or divorce. Families need support and direction to help
them heal. Family therapy could include: communication, structure, roles and routines, family time, family
meetings, role play, trauma resolution, grief and loss, and medical family therapy.

Couples Therapy
With the rising divorce rate, couples are facing challenges regarding making decisions that may impact
family members. Many couples are also faced with impasses that impede their ability to grow, individually or
relationally. Some issues facing couples include: infidelity, communication, financial, parenting, divorce, and
roles and positions in the family.

Group Therapy
Group therapy decreases stigmatization and builds self confidence in individuals. It also helps individuals,
who wouldn’t otherwise talk about their problems, learn to express how they feel with the support and
encouragement of others. Groups can also be psycho-educational and provide unlimited knowledge
obtained from other group members in a sharing environment.

Art Therapy
Art Therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses art materials, such as paints, chalk and markers. Art
therapy is based on the belief that the creative process of art is both healing and life-enhancing. Art
therapists use drawing, painting, and other art processes to assess and treat clients with emotional,
cognitive, physical, and/or developmental needs and disorders. Using their skills in evaluation and
psychotherapy, they choose materials and interventions appropriate to their clients’ needs and design
sessions to achieve therapeutic goals and objectives. They use the creative process to help their clients
increase insight and judgment, cope better with stress, work through traumatic experiences, increase
cognitive abilities, have better relationships with family and friends, and to just be able to enjoy the life-
affirming pleasures of the creative experience.

EMDR for children and adults
EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, is an empirically-validated technique that used for
resolution of trauma issues in adults and children. It usually takes 6 - 10 sessions for adults and less for
children. This service is offered in Sarasota, FL by Dr. Patricia Ann Craven.   

Transitional therapy
Transitional therapy is a six week intensive intervention with a focus on promoting resiliency in children
going through difficult transitions such as natural disasters, divorce, foster care and adoption.  

Domestic Violence Counseling
Many individuals are faced with difficult decisions regarding staying in a volatile relationship. Domestic
violence counseling involves helping individuals make informed decisions about their future. It involves
looking at family of origin issues and expectations regarding relationships. A healthy relationship may be
unknown to the individual and they need to determine if they are currently in a safe situation. DV counseling
consists of education about the power and control wheel, equality wheel, and signs of a batterer’s
personality. A safety plan will be created for the individual if needed in the future.

Parenting Education, BEYOND PARENTING
We offer a unique evidence based class “Beyond Parenting.”  It is appropriate for couples as well as single
parents. Parenting in general is very challenging. Parenting children who are experiencing their parents’
divorce, foster children, and adoptive children may require unique parenting methods. Many parents
struggle with decisions regarding methods of discipline and building family cohesion. Some parents spank
their children because they are not educated about alternative methods of discipline. Other issues
addressed in parenting consultation are: child developmental stages, lying, improving communication,
positive parenting techniques, setting limits, sibling rivalry, peer relationships, homework and school
performance, and divorce counseling or co-parenting.

Therapeutic Visitation
Families may be at risk for the possibility of displaying inappropriate verbal communication or actions and
may need therapeutic visitation. Therapeutic visitation involves a mental health professional present to
guide and supervise the course of the visit and recommend to parents or children meaningful interactions.
Sometimes inappropriate questions may be asked to children. In addition, parents may bring up painful
experiences from the past that may not be recommended during these sensitive periods of reunification and
connection. Therapeutic visitation is an attempt to guide and supervise the interaction and give suggestions
of appropriate interaction.

Psychiatric Evaluation
Diagnostic Interview and assessment by a Licensed Psychiatrist to include evaluation for the need of
psychotropic medication.

Sexual Abuse Counseling

Anger Management

Adoption and Foster care Counseling

Substance Abuse Evaluation and Counseling

Divorce Counseling
This counseling consists of individual and conjoint sessions with the parents and is a combination of
psychotherapy, mediation and education to develop a collaborative approach to co-parenting.  

Home-Based therapy
Home Based Therapy allows flexibility for the client and the therapist. The client is seen in the home setting
at a scheduled time and date.

School Based Therapy
School Based Therapy allows the therapist to see children in the school setting during off periods. This
allows flexibility for the guardian, as the child is seen during the day. This also permits a therapist to see
multiple children in a single school setting. If a family opts for school based therapy, sessions once a month
should be conducted with the parent/guardian to inform of the youth’s progress and treatment needs.
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